Friday, 15 April 2016

Bird Alert!

The latest bird alert I received was on April 10th from Adrian Dorst, telling me that Marbled Godwits had been sighted near Deadman’s island.
Marbled godwits are rare and beautiful shore birds. So when we heard about them, my Dad and I went looking and WE FOUND THEM! They didn’t mind the boat and we got a really good look at them. I am very happy as they have pushed my bird list to 90!  

Another star bird alert....
Yesterday my Mum and I were out walking and saw a strange bird land in a tree. Luckily I have my monocular handy at all times. We looked at it and thought it might be a house finch. But then it flew away. So then my mum took out her phone and played the song of a house finch. The bird flew right back to the tree closest to us, hopping from branch to branch, in bright sunlight. We got a VERY good look at him. He WAS a house finch! I'm proud to say that my new count is now 91.

When I began my bird year, one of my friends decided to share the fun of birding with me. Her name is Cedar and she has just started her own blog. You can link to it at

Here are a few other interesting links: 
Kara Shaw recommended the Rocky Point Bird Observatory in Victoria and they posted this request at: Scientists need your help looking at photos of adorable penguins. Seriously 
Also, Jackie Windh sent a link about thousands of migrating songbirds landing at a lighthouse in a storm.

Thanks everyone!


  1. It's April and you've already spotted 91 different birds! That's incredible! Please keep posting on your blog. I'm really enjoying reading about your big year!

  2. Like your blog! Was wondering if you guys have had any sightings of cranes? I had a flock of about 20 fly right over me near great central lake. They have a really unique song. Keep up the good work out there. Sam

    1. we have not seen them here, but my friend in Port Alberni saw them. We saw them at the Riefel bird sanctuary

    2. A group of 49 Sandhill cranes seen in Tofino. We missed them because my dad had to stop for coffee!

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  4. Well done Toby - good luck with your year.