Thursday, 8 December 2016

Owls? Owls where? Look up!

On a rainy day in November we returned to the Riefel Bird Sanctuary with the hope of seeing some owls. After a short, disappointing walk down the path, we stopped to ask a nice man named Fred if he had seen any owls. His reply was: "You're standing right underneath one!"
Sure enough, right above us was a great horned owl. Fred was also kind enough to show us a Saw-whet owl in a tree, which could have pooed on our heads and we would have looked up and still not seen it. With its head under its wing, it was so well camouflaged it was basically invisible.
Great Horned owl

Field sketch of Saw-whet

Our cold grey day was lit up by little explosions of black-capped chickadees every few steps.

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