Monday, 16 May 2016

Swallows, swallows, swallows... oh, and some other new birds

Since my pelagic boat trip, I've reached my goal – and passed it! I'm now at 128 birds.
In the last few days I've seen short and long-billed dowitchers, blue-winged teal, a peregrine falcon, red knots, golden plovers and black scoters, northern rough-winged swallows – which I have also seen in the last few days are one of my favourite swallows and I'm sad because these adorable plump little brown birds are often overlooked in comparison to the beauty of violet-green, tree or barn swallows. Every bird has its own special personality and I can't choose a favourite.
Thanks you for all the help from Adrian Dorst, Pete Clarkson and Artie Ahier. It is very nice for me to live in a community with some of, in my opinion, the best birders in BC.
After our martial arts demonstration at SOBO restaurant,
Pete Clarkson told me there were red knots at Greenpoint.
We raced out there with 30 minutes of daylight left and ... there they were!

Last year we had two barn swallows that built a nest under the ramp at the Crab Dock. They've returned this year and are building another nest in the same spot. I've had some really fun times with these two swallows and have named them Rufus and Tawny. I can't tell them apart but I still feel like they need to be named.


  1. Sweet swallow swooning! Congratulations on reaching your goal early, Toby! You know birds way better than me. I'm so impressed.

  2. I want to come see Rufus and Tawny. Way to reach your goal AND have so much fun doing it!

  3. Fantastic! Well done Toby! And thanks for sharing! I love it!

  4. Fantastic Toby ! Love that u have passed your goal and you have 7 months of the year left. Maybe you should convince Mum and Dad to drive to New Brunswick in the fall 😉 you would see lots of birds on the way through !

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  6. Hi Toby,

    Congratulations on surpassing your Big Year goal! I'm sure you'll see many more bird species in the remaining months until year end. I really enjoy reading about your birding adventures.

    I also want to see if you'd be interested in sharing your experience on the Nature Conservancy of Canada blog (Land Lines) either through a story of your own or be interviewed by us! If so, please email me at

    Thanks and all the best with your birdy adventures!

    1. Thank you Wendy
      I will email you!
      Please keep on following my adventures!😀